From 1867 always more Schelling…

“Schelling”, the oldest Italian card clothing factory, is located in Baveno, on the rivers of Lake Maggiore, between Lombardy and Switzerland.

The pioneer Giovanni Schelling, between 1865 and 1867, bought some fields, edified and began to produce elastic tapes for cards using English technology.

These tapes produced web with industrial process. Web is composed of a lot of opened paralysed fibres and it is the first unfinished product to obtain, through succeeding processes, wool-cotton yarns and synthetic fibres.

The company was of Swiss property until 1972. Since then it has always been completely Italian.

The textile world is radically changing: flexible tapes for cards are being partially replaced by metallic tapes, whose production requires different technology, while the demand for flexible fillets to raise tissues is increasing. Schelling staff focus their skills and efforts on the finishing field.

Technical contacts with manufacturers of raising machines are being intensified and tests are organised in a team in order to achieve the raising effects required by the market.

At the end of the seventies, Schelling was ready to satisfy the requirements coming from the toy, footwear, leatherette, knitwear and woven fabric markets.

The traditionalist competition was static and did not perceive the necessary changes, causing the closure of five competitors in just one decade.

Schelling took over their factories systematically, becoming more and more competitive.

At the end of the eighties, Schelling established itself as the leader in the raising fillet field all around the world.

In the nineties, after market research in the pet field, Schelling verified that the only manufacturer of pet cleaning brushes was a Chinese company. After visiting their plants, technologically backward, the technical staff swung into action modifying and automating a number of quilting machines to allow a constant production that does not need manual labour.

In 2007 Schelling wanted to emphasize its specialisation in the raising fillet field and added to the existing name the foundation date, so that the English name of our factory became “Schelling 1867 Raising Fillet”.

The company has been encouraging the rejuvenation of the technical and commercial staff, which will allow “Schelling 1867” to face the coming years with strong determination.